Genius MaxFighter F-17 Джойстик

Genius MaxFighter F-17 Джойстик

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MaxFighter F-17

... is an ideal joystick that has precise control with four buttons and a throttle to use when playing flight games.
Plus, the turbo button has a continuous trigger effect so you can assign any button as rapid continuous fire buttons and play flight games on your PC or the Internet more easily. Plug-and-play means there is no driver required so just plug it in and start flying and shooting

- handle is comfortable to use in either hand
- four function buttons include trigger
- throttle controller for speed up and slow down
- turbo function (red LED) shows continuous trigger effect

system requirements:
- Windows 7/Vista/XP
- available USB port

package content:
- joystick MaxFighter F-17
- quick guide

- interface: USB
- supports: Windows7/Vista/XP
- 4 base buttons, 3 fire buttons, turbo, rapid-fire trigger
- functions: Throttle; Turbo (for 4 buttons)
- USB cable length: 1.8 m

- dimension: 173x165x210 mm
- dimension of gift box: 190x170x220 mm
- body weight: 406g Продукт известен още и като MaxFighter F 17, MaxFighterF17, MaxFighterF-17

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